Environmental certification

certificazione ambientale

CALABRIA SHUTTLE considers, by adopting an Environmental Policy, the correct management of environmental issues as an important factor for the development of the company and considers the Environmental Management System a fundamental tool for defining and achieving the company’s objectives.

CALABRIA SHUTTLE is aware that any human intervention on the territory can, if not properly planned, verified and controlled, cause irreparable damage with direct consequences as well as on the environment on man himself.

The General Management has, in agreement with all company functions, set the following programmatic and general objectives for the next three years:

implement and maintain an effective Environmental Management System according to the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard;
introduce and keep active all the interventions necessary to ensure that the activities of CALABRIA SHUTTLE meet the legal requirements ensuring the most absolute compliance with all the national and regional regulations in force that regulate environmental protection.
pursue a reasonable constant improvement of environmental efficiency and promote an approach that is not only executive but proactive to ecological / environmental issues.
implement an environmental management system that includes the specific organization for the implementation of an environmental policy; the issuance, dissemination and application of environmental procedures; the identification of the most significant environmental parameters and the continuous improvement of the objectives.
create and update a control system aimed at the prevention of environmental accidents as well as Emergency Plans with the aim of controlling and reducing the consequences of any accidents.
involve all staff in responsibility towards the environment through suitable training and awareness-raising initiatives in order to encourage the dissemination and continuous improvement of behavior.
assess in advance the environmental effects of all new activities and all new products and processes.
evaluate and control the effects of ongoing activities on the environment.
undertake to pursue the continuous improvement of environmental performance, adopting all the necessary provisions to prevent or eliminate pollution and, if this proves impossible, to minimize the production of polluting emissions and waste and preserve resources, taking into account possible clean technologies.
analyze and monitor near misses.
Particular attention will be paid to:

evaluate, control and, where possible, reduce noise inside and outside the construction sites that are installed;
promote waste management based on the principles of reduction, recycling, reuse and environmental optimization of transport and disposal processes;
take the necessary measures to prevent accidental spills of dangerous substances and waste of energy and other resources.
know the environmental management of their suppliers.
ensure cooperation with public authorities to establish and update emergency procedures.
carry out internal audits to periodically check environmental “performance”.
ensure that this document is available to the public.
All company functions are called upon, each for its competence to provide indications for improvement of the EMS with written letters, addressed to the RGA or in meetings on specific topics.

The achievement of the objectives set with the application of the illustrated criteria, the verification of their effectiveness and their updating are guaranteed by the General Management which makes use of the RGA function for this purpose. The latter acts with the role of integrator of the various functions by defining / agreeing the standards and procedures, whose compliance by all company functions guarantees the achievement of the set objectives.

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